Guidelines for Feedback

Guidelines for Feedback

We have put together some guidelines for providing feedback so that we can understand it completely and in context, without needing too much back and forth, and then use your feedback to improve the game.

Provide Detailed Information:

When reporting a technical issue, provide as much detail as possible about the problem you're experiencing. Include information such as the specific issue encountered, any error messages received, and the circumstances under which the issue occurred.

Include Device Information:

To help us better understand and troubleshoot the issue, please provide details about your device. Include the make and model of your phone, processor type and RAM. This information is crucial for identifying any device-specific issues.

Attach Screenshots or Videos:

If applicable, include screenshots or videos that demonstrate the issue you're encountering. Visual aids can provide valuable context and assist our development team in diagnosing and resolving the problem more efficiently.

Be Specific and Concise:

Be specific in describing the issue and avoid vague or ambiguous language. Clearly articulate the problem and its impact on your gaming experience. Additionally, keep your feedback concise and to the point to ensure clarity and focus.

Respectful Communication:

Maintain a respectful and courteous tone when providing feedback. Remember that our developers are dedicated to addressing technical issues and improving your gaming experience. Constructive feedback helps us work together towards achieving solutions.