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This is our Indus Beta help center to help you get you onboard the Indus Closed Beta!

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Access and Game Availability

Is Indus a free-to-play game?

Yes, Indus is a free-to-play game. You won’t need to pay to play it. Like most free-to-play battle royale games, we plan to monetize through in-app purchases.

How is Indus different from other Battle Royale games?

Indus is the natural evolution of the most popular genre of the decade. The adaptability of the Indus Battle Royale comes from various aspects.

  1. Robust and ballistically accurate gunplay system that ensures all weapons have their own personalities. This ensures that a wide array of players feel at home in Indus. There is a gun for everyone.
  2. Room to allow players to transform the pace of their game in real time for more meaningful engagements across matches. The game provides for all different play styles and player archetypes.
  3. All culminating towards our very own nail-biting alternate win condition: Cosmium.
  4. Cosmium demands the players to adapt, think fast and improvise, leading to various exciting outcomes that compel players to be strategic as well as tactical with their choices and decision-making.
What platform can I play Indus on?

In closed beta, Indus is mobile-exclusive; after launch, it expands to PCs and consoles

How can I get access to the Closed Beta?

Please sign in on the Indus Closed Beta website and join the Waitlist. We are opening up access to more people soon when you will get a key on your email/WhatsApp.

When will I get whitelisted?

To obtain whitelist access, you must possess a Key, which you can acquire through various means:

  • Follow the instructions on our website, and our team will give the key to you.
  • Participate in our Indus Discord activities to receive the key.
How do I update the game?

On Android, after logging into the game, you'll be prompted to download the new build. On iOS, the update option will appear which will take you to TestFlight from where you can download the new build.

Is Indus accessible only for Indian players?

No, Indus is accessible to players from the Indian Subcontinent in the Closed Beta phase. However, following the launch, Indus will be open for Global play.

Gameplay and Community

How can I claim the closed beta role on Discord?

The process to claim the Closed Beta role once you are whitelisted :

  1. Click the Button: Look for the "Claim Role" button in ⁠the discord channel
  2. Receive the Link: Once you click the button, our bot will send you a message with a link to the Indus Game beta website.
  3. Login with Whitelist Email: Follow the link and log in using your whitelisted email ID. This is the email ID you used to redeem the beta key.
  4. Get Your Role: After logging in successfully, you'll automatically receive the closed beta role on Discord.
What’s the map of the Indus called?

All the action in Indus takes place on an ever-evolving island map called Virlok

Content Creation and Feedback

Can I provide my suggestions and feedback for the game?

You can submit your suggestions and feedback in

Is there an Indus Creators program?

Indus has an official content creator program called Indus Insiders. These are Indus’ content creators who get priority updates, in-game assets, studio visits, Indus merchandise and a lot of other benefits. If you want to join our next batch of Indus Insiders, watch out for our registration forms which will be opened on our discord very soon.

Can I make videos on Indus? Will you copyright strike my channel?

Currently, for our Closed Beta, only official content creators, Indus Insiders, are allowed to put out gameplay videos for Indus Battle Royale. Likewise, streaming the game is not allowed either. You can upload game-related content other than Gameplay such as character selection, leaderboard, daily missions, battle pass, weapons menu etc. Violating community guidelines may lead to removal of access to the game.

Technical Details

What is the minimum requirement specification to run Indus?

Indus can operate on any modern device (from 2021 onwards) that carries a chip typically found in devices priced between 10,000 - 15,000 INR. Devices with higher quality chips will deliver better performance. A minimum of 4 GB RAM is required.

I have a 6/8GB+ RAM device, why is my game not running smoothly?

The performance of many apps and games, including Indus, doesn't solely depend on the quantity of RAM. Rather, it's largely influenced by the internal chipset (CPU and GPU) of the device. Consequently, a device with 4GB RAM and a powerful chipset will consistently run smoother than a device with 8GB RAM but a weaker chipset.

What are Indus’ anti-cheat measures?

Indus team takes cheating very seriously and employs a variety of methods to prevent it. We aim to make Indus fun and fair for all players, we monitor and act on any unusual activity to ensure the community isn’t impacted in any way

What engine is Indus running on?

Indus runs on Unity as a base engine with a fully custom-built sandbox shooter tech stack called the Indus Engine.