Indus Tournaments Official Rules and Compliance

General Compliance and Acceptance:

Indus Battle Royale is currently in the Beta stage of development. The player might face multiple bugs and glitches during the matches. SuperGaming/Indus Team is not responsible for any type of bugs or glitches altering the experience, performance, or standings. In case an unexpected bug occurs, the player must report it to the nearest Indus developer. If the bug has a workaround, it will be communicated but in any other case, the player must continue with the bug for the rest of the match.


  • General
    • To maintain a healthy and fair esports ecosystem, it is important for players to behave with a positive attitude towards the Organizer and other players throughout the tournament.
  • Sportsmanship & Proper Behavior
    • Participants may not use language that is obscene, foul, vulgar, insulting, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, or otherwise offensive or objectionable, in or near the match area.
    • Abuse of Tournament Admins, other participants, or audience members will not be tolerated. Repeated violations, including but not limited to verbal abuse, touching another participant’s devices, body, or property will result in infraction point penalties. Participants and their guests (if any) must treat all individuals attending a match with respect
  • Discrimination & Denigration
    • Competitors shall not offend the dignity or integrity of a country, private person, or group of people through contemptuous or discriminatory words or actions based on race, ethnicity, national origin, social origin, gender, language, religion, political opinion, financial status, birth status, sexual orientation, or any other reason.
    • Offenders may be immediately disqualified, have up to half of their monetary winnings forfeited, or both of the above


  • Finality of Decision
    • All decisions regarding the interpretation of these rules, player eligibility, scheduling of the tournament, and penalties for misconduct, lie solely with the Organizer, the decisions of which are final.
  • Rule Changes
    • These rules may be amended, modified or supplemented by Organizers from time to time, in order to ensure fair play and the integrity of the tournament.


  • Device sharing is not allowed.
  • Player names and nicknames in the game must not contain any explicit/vulgar words.
  • All matches are in Battle Royale Squad Mode (4 player team).
  • Match Rules
    • Use of iPad is prohibited during the tournament.
    • Use of illegal programs is prohibited.
    • It is forbidden to use additional or supporting devices, such as a gamepad or additional buttons such as Controller R1 - L1 and others during the matches.
    • Flaming / cheating / toxic behavior is not tolerated. Warnings will be given to the teams that commit such offenses. Repeated offenses will result in penalties.
    • Teaming (Teaming up with other teams in-game for an advantage) is prohibited. Any team that participates in teaming will be penalized.
    • The match will continue if a player disconnects or faces any other in-game errors. Unless a minimum of 10 players get disconnected in the first 120 seconds of the match then the match will be restarted.
  • Matches
    • Best of 3/5 in Virlok as per tournament format

Official Rules

Tournament Centric

Tournament Format

Indus Tournaments will use the well-found placement points system with the addition of kill points. The details for these can be found below.

Points Breakdown

  • Cosmium Clutch: 5 points
  • Kills: 1 point per kill
  • Standings:
  • Game Rank
    Awarded Points

**These points may be subject to change. The base points will stay persistent during the tournament except for the final match.

Points Tie

The teams with the same amount of total points will be ranked based on their total team damage dealt amount.

Additional Winning Condition: Cosmium

Indus BR has a unique win condition where a rare resource called Cosmium that will spawn in the final moments of the game. Once spawned, any player can collect it. The team who collects the Cosmium will be directly placed as the winner of the game. The other alive teams in the game will be ranked based on their total team kills (more kills means better rank) and then on total team damage.

Winning criteria

The team who will achieve the highest amount of cumulative points amongst all matches of the day will be crowned as the winner.

Games Pause and Restart

Only in case multiple players (10 or more) get disconnected or crash in-game in the first 180 seconds, the game will not be considered.

and the same match will restart. The game cannot be paused in any circumstance.

No compensation points will be awarded for any type of issue or bug that emerges. If a non-generic issue/bug persists in more than 1 match on an Indus Playtest-provided device, the device shall be replaced, if possible.

All final decisions for restarts or other rests in the hand of the Tournament Admin. Any decision made by the Tournament Admin will be final and cannot be reasoned with.

Winner Announcement

After each match completion, all teams will be able to see their current standing in a cumulative points format. After the final match, the winner of the tournament will be announced and awarded the prize.

Game Centric

Teams and Names

  1. The whole team must add their Team Name between "[" "]". Player's name will follow. Format Example: [TEAMNAME]PlayerName.
    1. The identifiable short format of the TeamName shall be used if the Team name exceeds 5 alphabetical characters.
    2. Only SFW (both English and Hindi) names are allowed.
    3. Team and player names cannot be changed once set. Change of any character of the name will lead to points not being considered for the team.
  2. A substitute player can be substituted in case one of the players is unable to continue, due to genuine reasons after the request from the Tournament Admin has been granted.
    1. Substitution can only happen between 2 matches.
    2. A request for substitution must be made at least 5 minutes before the next match starts.

Game Commencement and Breaks

There will be a total of 5 matches of Indus BR to be played as explained in the Match Format. Each match will commence after 5 minutes of break after the previous game has finished.

Joining Criteria

Players are expected to match up and enter the in-game lobby before the 5-minute mark. The only acceptable delay for a match to start would be if the team/player is having a bug that an Indus Developer is actively fixing/using a workaround. The final say on the match start or delay is solely on the Tournament Admin.


Any type of exploit that the players are found using intentionally for any type of competitive advantage will be given a penalty with subtractive points or could even lead to disqualification of the team from the tournament after evaluation by the Tournament Admin.

In case the player finds a bug that can be exploited, they should immediately report it to the closest Indus Developer. After consulting with the Tournament Admin, the decision will be taken for the next action which might include the continuation of the gameplay with the bug or a temporary suspension of play of that player for that match.


Feedback Collection

Between matches or after the completion of all the matches, the Indus team will be expecting players to provide valuable and constructive feedback to help improve the game. Players are requested to complete the feedback form or answer the Indus team’s questions if they feel comfortable with it.

Sponsorship and Advertisement

Any type of sponsorship or advertising appeal on tournament grounds must be first authorized by tournament organizers. Any type of misconduct can lead to suspension from the tournament without any type of compensation.

Winning Distribution

The winnings will be distributed in approx. 30 days of the completion of the event.

This handbook is generic, Indus reserves the right to modify rules and regulations at any given time.