Closed Beta v0.35

v0.35.0 (3152000) - May 1st 2024

New featuresĀ šŸš€

  • New Inferno LeaderboardĀ 
  • Dive MusicĀ 
  • Reload sounds and updated Cosmium music

Improvements and fixesĀ šŸ”§

  • Multiple Visual bug fixes (Thank you for pointing these to us)
  • Fixed and overall improved Aim Assist
  • Improved and fixed the Storm round timer
  • You can now run while cocking the weapon
  • Match End Missions updates
  • Info Bar Update and the Grenade Setting are now persistent (Thanks Anthros)
  • Android Graphic Presets, Game Mode Selection Priority, and Controls now have Presents
  • We have disabled Haptic features for this build
  • Added Never Sleep/Dim feature when your game is on
  • Switching from TP to FP with aim alignment now works
  • New Announcement System Sound for Supply Drop
  • Leaky Voice chat fix for the Training Facility
  • A few Additional Fixes & Improvements that were part of our internal roadmap.

v0.35.0 (3056000) - April 22nd 2024

  • Increased revived health by 2x
  • Fixed server hosting issues leading to incorrect ping
  • Reduced weapon spread in hip fire (bloom) on all weapons

v0.35.0 (3047000)

  • Major performance improvements in Lobby, Flight and BR session
  • Made performance improvements resulting in better ping and fps
  • Improved input responsiveness
  • Added a new fast paced gameplay patch
  • Updated player health and damage for all weapons
  • Reduced Kismet K-10 pellet damage from 24 to 16
  • Reduced Kismet K-10 pellet count from 13 to 11
  • Updated ambient audio to BR sessions
  • Added a round counter in nirvana widget
  • Added preset graphic settings for a curated experience
  • Added Large Bag in supply drops
  • Major bug fixes regarding aim assist and crosshair switching
  • Minor bug fixes in the outer game loop

v0.35.0 (2987000)

  • Added a popup to prompt the user for updating older build versions.
  • Added a more readable leaderboard button on home screen.
  • Added remote weapon reload SFX on all weapons.
  • Miscellaneous home screen UI improvements.
  • Added a ā€˜work in progressā€™ version of Battle Pass.