Closed Beta v0.36

v0.36.100 (3254000) - May 10th 2024

New Features: 🆕

  • Portrait Icons & Portrait Frames:
  • Customize your profile with new portrait icons and frames! 🖼️
  • Click on your icon in the profile section to modify them.
  • Unlock more by climbing the ranks on the Inferno Leaderboard! 🔥

Improvements/Fixes: 🆕🛠️

  • Prepare for upcoming scrims with ease with the new room prompt feature. 🎮
  • Say goodbye to pesky errors ruining your post-match experience with the match end screen error fix. 🏆
  • Fixed the frustrating "Not Found Match" black screen issue. 🚫⚫
  • Enjoy a more balanced gameplay experience with adjusted bleed out damage. 💥
  • Put an end to players exploiting the environment with the fix for players tunneling into rocks. 🪨🚫
  • Stay connected with smoother gameplay and fewer disconnection issues with disconnection fixes. 📶
  • Experience clearer audio even without headphones with the echo issue fixes. 🔊
  • Corrected the issue of defeat screens showing up despite victories. 🎉
  • Explore the game world more smoothly with enhanced map optimization. 🗺️
  • Get a sneak peek at upcoming avatars in the avatar section. 👀
  • Prepare for battle in style with the upcoming legendary skin for R4FTR. 💫
  • Enjoy a more immersive experience with reduced dive music and idle storm volume. 🎶
  • Stay informed with better ping reporting for smoother online gameplay. 📶✨