Road to Closed Beta v0.31

Ping and UI Updates:

  • Rescaled and reconfigured distance based scaling for loot item and weapon pings
  • Increased lifetime duration for item ping and vehicle ping from 15 to 21 seconds
  • Increased max count for item pings from 5 to 7
  • Rescaled location and vehicle marker in world space
  • Rescaled location marker in compass
  • Repositioned threat and location ping on compass to be below the latitude and cardinals
  • Added remote weapon fire alert in compass
  • Changed Cosmium distance label font from Barlow to Furore to improve readability
  • Fixed distance label overlapping with ping icons when clamped


  • Improved UI visibility for local player identification
  • Added downed state and depletion progress in BR squad profile and floating HUD marker
  • Added an option to enable <playername> in floating HUD makers

Firefights and Engagements:

  • Updated damage number colours for headshot, bodyshot, downed shot and killing shot
  • Updated hit vfx for player body
  • Updated hit vfx for player head
  • Updated player death vfx
  • Updated bullet impact vfx for surfaces to assist aim correction
  • Updated vfx on smoke grenade adhering to the new visual direction
  • Updated vfx on frag grenade adhering to the new visual direction
  • Updated dive vfx and dive impact vfx adhering to the new visual direction

Inventory, Loadout and QOL updates:

  • Resized altimeter and speedometer
  • Rescaled flight widget, now the flight widget does not overlap with any input button in the default button layout
  • Added recommendation system for small and large medpacks
  • Added a customizable setting for recommendation system
  • Added auto equip feature for grenades, now players can select a grenade and equip it directly
  • Added a customizable setting for auto equip

BR Systems / Design Updates:

  • Changed supply drop spawn round from 1 and 2 to 2 and 3
  • Changed inventory stack capacity for large medpack from 3 to 1
  • Changed inventory stack capacity for throwables from 3 to 2
  • Scaled up the hit confirm markers for player head and body
  • Increased viable area radius for flight path trajectory calibration to allow more variation in flight path
  • Increased flight height for longer air time
  • Slightly repositioned the tp camera for dive state
  • Changed the look pivot angle to match the dive pitch angle
  • Implemented dive_v2. Added thrust mechanic to dive for farther reach
  • Increased storm round 1 radius from 1800 to 2000
  • Subsequently, increased the travel time of storm round 1 from 190 to 200 seconds
  • Decreased values for normalized edge offset and normalized edge cutoffs for all storm rounds
  • Made the storm less predictable and less centric
  • Changed interaction for incremental inventory item drop from hold to swipe
  • Subsequently, interaction for dropping all items in the slot has been changed from swipe to hold