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WhatsApp Community

WhatsApp Community

  • Inclusivity Embrace players from diverse backgrounds and skill levels, rejecting any form of discrimination or harassment.
  • Integrity Uphold fair play and foster a positive gaming environment, prohibiting cheating, hacking, or exploitation of game mechanics.
  • Collaboration Engage in collective efforts to enhance "Indus," contributing ideas, feedback, and experiences to drive improvement.
  • Enjoyment Prioritize fun and camaraderie, recognizing gaming as an avenue for enjoyment and memorable interactions with fellow players.
  • Community Channel Usage Utilize designated channels or groups for specific discussions whenever feasible to maintain organization and ensure relevant participation.
  • Respect Time and Attention Value the time and attention of other group members, including moderators and developers, by refraining from tagging them unnecessarily or for trivial matters.
  • Professional Conduct Maintain a professional and courteous demeanour when tagging individuals, focusing on constructive communication rather than venting frustrations.
  • Attach Screenshots or Videos:
  • If applicable, include screenshots or videos that demonstrate the issue you're encountering. Visual aids can provide valuable context and assist our development team in diagnosing and resolving the problem more efficiently.

  • Tagging Indus Team
  • Tag pertinent individuals, like moderators, administrators, or specialists, judiciously and solely when essential for the current topic. Refrain from tagging Indus/SuperGaming founders, as they review all messages.

  • Be Specific and Concise
  • Be specific in describing the issue and avoid vague or ambiguous language. Clearly articulate the problem and its impact on your gaming experience. Additionally, keep your feedback concise and to the point to ensure clarity and focus.

By participating in any Indus WhatsApp groups, you agree to adhere to these rules and guidelines. Non-compliance may lead to removal from the group or further action at the discretion of moderators or administrators.