Release Notes

Release Notes

v0.36.100 (3433000) - June 6th 2024

What’s New??

  • Performance improvements 📡🚀
  • Hit reg improvements 🔫🎯

v0.36.100 (3405000) - May 24th 2024

New Features🎉 :Calling Cards are here! 🖼️

  • Customize your Calling Card to showcase yourself on the profile leaderboard and screen.
  • Customize the Background, Frame, Pose, and Title to your liking and display it on your leaderboard!

New Trophy Road 🏆🛣

  • Level up and check the rewards you get at your current level and the rewards for upcoming levels!

New Igneous Skin for A27 Locust 🔥🔫

  • Unlock this exclusive skin through the Inferno Leaderboard!

Refer Friends to Indus Closed Beta! 🤝🏠

  • Have friends who want to join the Indus Closed Beta? Invite your squad!
  • Use the Refer Friends button on the home screen to invite up to 3 friends to the closed beta.

Improvements & Fixes 🆕🛠️

  • Performance fixes 📡🚀
  • Added tool tips for Settings 💡🛠️
  • Third control fixes - block look input through loot pickup UI 👀🚫
  • Melee combat mechanic fixes 🥊✨
  • Check the rewards you have a chance to get for the leaderboard based on your rank 🥇🔝🔝

v0.36.100 (3299000) - May 15th 2024

Patch Notes:

  • Improved Hot Drop Skybox
  • Improved Player AnimationsSettings Updates:


  • Added a third control setting( Left Movement (Fixed) & Right Fire (Fixed))


  • Added a new setting to "Enable/Disable look on Left Fire button"
  • Added a new setting to "Enable/Disable look on Crouch button"
  • Added a new setting to "Enable/Disable look on Jump button"

Other minor bug fixes

v0.36.100 (3254000) - May 10th 2024

  • Portrait Icons & Portrait Frames:
    • Customize your profile with new portrait icons and frames! 🖼️
    • Click on your icon in the profile section to modify them.
    • Unlock more by climbing the ranks on the Inferno Leaderboard! 🔥

Improvements/Fixes: 🆕🛠️

  • Prepare for upcoming scrims with ease with the new room prompt feature. 🎮
  • Say goodbye to pesky errors ruining your post-match experience with the match end screen error fix. 🏆
  • Fixed the frustrating "Not Found Match" black screen issue. 🚫⚫
  • Enjoy a more balanced gameplay experience with adjusted bleed out damage. 💥
  • Put an end to players exploiting the environment with the fix for players tunneling into rocks. 🪨🚫
  • Stay connected with smoother gameplay and fewer disconnection issues with disconnection fixes. 📶
  • Experience clearer audio even without headphones with the echo issue fixes. 🔊
  • Corrected the issue of defeat screens showing up despite victories. 🎉
  • Explore the game world more smoothly with enhanced map optimization. 🗺️
  • Get a sneak peek at upcoming avatars in the avatar section. 👀
  • Prepare for battle in style with the upcoming legendary skin for R4FTR. 💫
  • Enjoy a more immersive experience with reduced dive music and idle storm volume. 🎶
  • Stay informed with better ping reporting for smoother online gameplay. 📶✨

We’re also rewarding players with new frames and icons for the release of this feature! Rank up on the leaderboard to get it!


Coming Soon!

We’ll also be bringing in some additional forms of personalization and expression for players!

You’ll able to showcase yourself in the best way possible! Almost like leaving a Calling Card after you eliminate someone!